Evangelistic Ministry To The Fans At Texas Motor Speedway

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About Us

TxArm is a community of people who share their love for vehicles. We have been conducting events for our community members since 1994, and the next generation is ready to take forward our legacy. Learn about the ways you can contribute to our missions and be a member of this growing community.
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Amazing Experiences

It feels great to be a part of this community. I have made so many new friends, and we talk all the time about our machines.

Robert S Bryan

I love to see the enthusiasm that people share for cars and bikes in this community. It is something I have never seen anywhere else.

Lois D Fordham

I have had a great time so far in this community. The people here are friendly and supportive.  young people joining the community.

Hugh B Paige

What We Believe/Salvation/Church

Our community members trust in God and follow his footsteps to our graves. We would like to inform every new member that it is a closed community that welcomes everyone with an open heart.

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