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  Texas Alliance Raceway Ministries is grateful for the opportunity to serve the race fans and competitors with Christ's compassion at 281 Speedway in
Stephenville, Texas.  
Sam & Karen Montgomery provide the leadership for ministry there each Saturday night during race season, and they have become a
favorite part of the "281" Family.  Ministries at "281" include prayer with the drivers prior to the races; distribution of literature to the fans; the "281 Kid's
Club," which provides ministry to children of the competitors and fans; and assisting the speedway owners and promoters with whatever needs to be taken care of
on any given Saturday night.  Sam was even asked to help with
announcing the races one night!!!
    Want to get involved or find out more?  If so, contact
Sam Montgomery at 254.592.3742 or email him at
Below are some pictures of ministry activity at 281 during past racing seasons.
Prior to race time, everyone has to get involved
with the "pack the track" ritual!!  Note the
phrase on the back of this car: "To God Be the
There's no better way to begin
the heat races than to spend a
moment with the Lord.  Here,
Sam leads the crowd and the
competitors in the invocation
prior to Saturday night,
dirt-track racing at its best!
TxARM Action at 281 Speedway
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Ministry at the Dirt Tracks!!
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Speedway Site
Ministry at 281 Speedway, Stephenville, Texas
Just inside the gate to 281 Speedway, the 281
Kid's Club is busy helping youngsters have some
fun and learn about the love of Jesus at the
same time.  The kid's love it, the parents love it,
the speedway loves it--it's a hit!
Chaplain Sam gets ready to unload the golf car so
he can begin making the rounds in the pits to
have conversation and prayer with the teams.
Mom and Dad may come to watch the racin', but
the children head to 281 on Saturday nights for
the "Kid's Club!!"
Saturday night racin' with the Kid's Club--and we
have a "Hot Wheels" winner!
Mom and daughter with
"Indiana" walking on the
Jehovah Stones--It's 281 Kid's
Club "Indiana Jones" night!