TxARM volunteers worked for days providing children’s carnivals, musical concerts, distribution of literature, and worship services in an effort to tell people about the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Volunteers joined forces ministering again in June of 1997 during the IRL races at Texas Motor Speedway, and by the time TxARM had conducted ministry throughout the two race weekends of the first year, ministry had taken place in the midst of some 300,000+ fans, involving over 150 volunteers during both race weekends.













Through all the effort in the opening season, God blessed as at least ten people came to know Christ as Savior. During the 1998-2001 seasons, similar ministry activities took place as more fans than ever came to TMS to enjoy an expanded schedule of racing activity. TxARM faithfully shared Jesus during the spring, summer and fall race weeks of those years by distributing literature, offering children’s activities, and through concerts, church services, handicapped transportation, courtesy rides, and other service-oriented tasks. As a result, 41 more people came to know Jesus as Savior. Along the way, ministry at local dirt tracks has begun and developed, too, adding another dimension to the already exciting work.

TxARM in 2002

As 2002 began, TxARM entered its 6th year of work. Texas Motor Speedway, Boyd Raceway, Cowtown Speedway, Kennedale Speedway Park and 281 Speedway–all these have become venues for the exciting work of sharing Christ with race fans as well as competitors and track employees. By the end of the September NASCAR Craftsman Truck and IRL race events, 3 people at Texas Motor Speedway had trusted Jesus as Savior, and Christ was shared with tens of thousands of other race fans.