Texas Motor Speedway

Texas motor speedway requires no introduction because the world of racing has seen all that this race track has to offer. Coming in with all the right features, this particular race track brings about an experience that has kept and drives at the edge of the action. Due to that, exploring the top Indy car moments at this speedway is bound to help you come on board with the best. So without further ado, here are the top Indy car moments at the Texas motor speedway.

Davey Hamilton’s Accident

While many prefer the term “wreck” over accident, it tends to suit the turn of events and make sense for the better. And by all means, this is one of the worst accidents that happened in this speedway. The Izod Indy Car Series has not come across a more unfortunate event. However, Hamilton was lucky enough to survive through this incident, despite the fact that it took 21 surgeries to fix his feet and legs. Going head-on into the outside wall did cause a series of injuries, and Hamilton had to suffer them all. While it did force him into early retirement, he made a comeback in 2007.

Davey Hamilton’s Accident

Hornish and Season Finale

Hornish winning the season finale was a great moment to cherish, and the world was excited to see how it all turned out to be. With the race being rescheduled due to the gruesome attacks of 9/11, things got delayed, and we had to wait for over a month for the same. Sam Hornish Jr. beating Scott Sharp was the major highlight, and things became interesting towards the end. With a close call of .188 seconds, the event became one of the most memorable of a lifetime.

Big Tex A.J and Arie Luyendyk

Big Tex A.J and Arie Luyendyk

A list without Big Tex A.J would be incomplete, and thus, we bring you towards another memorable moment that took place in June of 1997. The confusion regarding the winner was clear as day, and Arie even stormed A.J’s line of celebrations. While it all seemed to head in A.J’s path, the result spoke of a different story. The next morning, Arie was declared the winner, and the confusion was due to a malfunctioned electronic scoring wires.


Indy car moments at Texas motor speedway are bound to be a list that we all need to look back and cherish. Apart from giving us so many memorable experiences, these moments also went on to create history. Due to that, remembering them and giving credit where it is due is clearly the need on this front. Hence, that is the end of our list that takes you back in time.

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