The 2002 race season has provided another season of numerous opportunities for ministry in the North Texas area. TxARM continues to broaden its work to include ministry at Texas Motor Speedway, and the work is expanding and developing at local dirt tracks in the region, as well. Since the opening of Texas Motor Speedway in 1997, millions of fans have come for racing events alone, not to mention major concerts, auto shows, swap meets and other gatherings, and TxARM has been there to share with them the hope and encouragement that is found in God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

Texas Motor Speedway, located a few miles north of Fort Worth, is a 1.5 mile super-speedway, situated on 1200+ acres, and able to accommodate over 230,000 fans for a single racing event. Throughout the six seasons the speedway has been open, fans from all over the United States have flocked to the speedway to see NASCAR Winston Cup, Busch Series and Craftsman Truck Series racing, as well as ARCA, IRL, American Le Mans Series and Legends racing. In addition, the TMS Dirt Track has attracted fans to competition involving motorcycles, sprint cars, late models and even monster trucks!! Over 1 million fans per year go through the gates of Texas Motor Speedway alone, and projections indicate no signs of decrease in attendance.
In addition to all the excitement that goes with auto racing, another dimension of excitement also fills the air at

Texas Motor Speedway and the dirt tracks–the excitement of sharing the Lord Jesus Christ with many of the fans who come for the races. All of this takes place through the outreach efforts of TxARM–Texas Alliance Raceway Ministries. Through six seasons for ministry at TMS, 54 people have come to know Christ, as the Gospel message has been shared hundreds of thousands of times through literature, music, preaching, conversation and testimony. Obviously, race fans go to Texas Motor Speedway and the dirt tracks to enjoy the excitement of auto racing, but a few end up receiving a whole lot more than they bargained for–abundant and eternal life in the Lord Jesus Christ. Such fruit is the prayer and hope of those who work with TxARM at the speedways.

The Background of TxARM

When Southern Baptists of Denton, Tarrant and Wise Counties heard about the plans for building Texas Motor Speedway, prayers for God’s guidance and direction for establishing the ministry began to be offered. Discussions with the National Fellowship of Raceway Ministries and the local Baptist associations of the three nearest counties began in early 1996. A Task Force was established and worked hard for many months, gathering information and resources, receiving training and orientation, and making plans for ministry that would be ready for the weekend of the inaugural races at the speedway in April of 1997.

TxARM’s Purpose and Vision

As TxARM developed, its mission and purpose became clear–“to establish an alliance for cooperative evangelistic ministry during NASCAR and IRL sanctioned racing events at the Texas Motor Speedway.” Everyone agreed that the ministry’s function would be “sowing seeds representing the life-changing power of Christ, through written and verbal testimony and ministry, to the lost at the Texas Motor Speedway.”
With these purposes in mind, it became the vision of TxARM to carry out the Great Commission in the “marketplace” of the motor sports entertainment world. As 1997 continued to unfold, TxARM minsitry leaders began to communicate the vision to the Christians of North Texas.

TxARM’s Leadership Team

TxARM operates under the direction of an Executive Council.
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